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Nursery Class



The nursery class traditionally referred to as the “casa dei bambini” (which means ‘children’s house’ in Italy) houses children aged three and half years to five years. This class is also facilitated by an experienced directress duly trained in guiding the children in the five keys areas of the Montessori curriculum which are; Practical life, Sensorial, Cultural Subjects, language and mathematics.

"I consider it a require the child to memorize that which he has not been able to visualize... The secret of good teaching is to regard the child's intelligence as a fertile field in which seeds may be sown, to grow under the heat of flaming imagination" John Dewey.

Our Nursery school operates a broad based British and Montessori curriculum. Pupils are taught how to read and write and develop confidence through numeracy and literacy skills.

    We have:
  • i. Nursery One class (3 to 4 years old): At the end of the Nursery one class, pupils are able to read two and three letter words confidently. Can write and count orally their numbers between 200 and 500, listen and retell stories and have developed an enquiry mind.
  • ii. Nursery Two class (4 to 5 years old): Our nursery 2 pupils graduating to the primary classes have always made us proud with their outstanding achievements.
  • Excellent reading skills, beautiful cursive handwriting, confident and happy children, impressive spoken English with the right diction, ability to interpret pictures in writing, listen and retell stories and a solid foundation for the primary years.

    In our nursery class, pupils go through the five areas of Montessori in addition to other educative subjects.




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